Sasha Bauer is an interdisciplinary artist from Saint-Petersburg who was born in Surgut, Russia in 1988. She has a degree in psychology and uses photography and other visual techniques as an art-therapy for self-reflection and expression of subconscious images.

The author explores the themes of individual and collective subconscious traumas as well as national, gender, and cultural identities. In her work, the author is inspired by the work of such individuals as Sofie Calle, Ilya Kabakov, Laura Letinsky, Ingmar Bergman, and many others. 

In her projects, Sasha uses various visual techniques: collage, installation, photography, scanography, intuitive drawing, object modeling.

Published in: FK magazine, L’oeil De La Photographie magazine, F-stop magazine, Float magazine, Landscape Stories magazine, Bird in Flight magazine, Republic magazine, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, DODHO magazine, Private magazine, Ф. magazine


2021 Sony World Photography Awards 3-rd Place in Creative Category

2020 Shortlist INTERVAL event to identify new names in contemporary art

2019 Shortlist International Photography Grant

2019 Winner of the photo contest Young Photographers of Russia

2018 Exhibitioner State Scholarship for Artists

2017 II place in the contest “Family. Tradition” at the festival PiterPhotoFest

2016 Exhibitioner State Scholarship for Artists

2014 Photographer of the Year and winner of the photo contest Polar Perspective

2014 shortlist FotoVisura Grant 

2014 participant in the final exhibition of the photo contest Young Photographers of Russia 


Interview on the platform

Landscape stories magazine


F-stop GROUP EXHIBITION — Issue — Open theme 

Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung 


Bird in Flight Cold celebration

Float magazine Matryoshka dolls

Republic magazine Sasha Bauer

DODHO magazine Matryoshka dolls

PRIVATE magazine Matryoshka dolls

Ф. magazine Matryoshka dolls

DODHO magazine 33 rooms

PRIVATE magazine 33 rooms

Republic magazine Cold celebration

Private magazine Cold celebration


2021 Personal exhibition  “Sasha Bauer” 

 with the support of the Goethe Institut in the Engels Museum of Local Lore

2021 Group exhibition “Constructor. Fathers”. “Cold celebration”

2020 Virtual platform Wall online. Sasha Bauer

2020 Photobook and zine: Draft.  Russian Independent SelfPublished. WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center

2020 ZERNO photo gallery 

2020 LoosenArt gallery About Future exhibition

2019 Online gallery “Wall-online”

2019 HAFNY group show 60 Winter Pictures

2018 Loft Project “Etagi” Personal exhibition “Matryoshka dolls”

2014 State Russian Museum. III Museum Biennale of contemporary Photography, Saint-Petersburg.

2013 Gallery “Art-Hall” by the creative association of Petersburg photographers “Art-Confession”, Vyborg

2013 Baltic Biennale of Photography. The 6th International contest of professional and amateur photography “Photomania-2013”, Kaliningrad.

2012 Final exhibition at the Department of photo reporters “54-th”, Saint-Petersburg.

2011 IV International photo contest of Karl Bulla “Visible features of the era”, Saint-Petersburg.

2011 Moscow museum of the biology of K. Timiryazev, photo contest “Water World of Russia”, Moscow. 


2019 SoModernArt

2014 Some works are in the collection of the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Education and training:

2018 — 2020 Author’s courses of lectures and workshops by Ekaterina Vasilyeva “About things”

2018 — 2019 Academy Fotografica

2019 Author’s course of lectures + workshop “Diary of another”. Ekaterina Vasilyeva 

2011 — 2013 — Department of photo reporters of Galperin, the Russian Union of Journalists, Saint-Petersburg. 
from 2014 A member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers

2011 — “From basics to mastery” course, Academy of Photography, Saint-Petersburg

2009 — 2010 — “Basics of Photography” course

2005 — 2010 Surgut State University. Psychologist